Keeping it Sweet and Simple…

I have looked at those wonderfully decorated cakes, gorgeous designs and yummy icing innumerable times and thought to myself – will I ever be able to turn out something that is so visually appealing…perhaps with a lot (and a lot! ) of practice (am sure that really is the way to go, for me at least!)..the shorter route is to go to the cake art / decorating classes but then it won’t remain an ovenderful experience any longer and hence considerably less fun!

Anyhow, what also made me put that thought on the backburner was, that in the age of trying to achieve something that looks beautiful and perfect, sometimes a little bit of the magic gets lost, the warmth gets a little diluted…not to take away from the hard work put in by those who are wonderful at this art, but for me somehow the individuality of that baked goodie lies in its imperfect contours, its simplicity is reflective of the kitchens in our homes and its seeming ordinariness belies the strength of its taste…

What do you imagine when you think of sitting in a quilt on a cold winter night, watching a favourite movie or re-reading one of those books that you grew up reading? I usually imagine myself with a hot glass of milk…it’s the ultimate comfort food – chocolate butter cookies that melt in my mouth with each bite !

I guess you already know what I decided to make – a batch of chocolate butter cookies! My endeavor was to try to and make something simple, something that is a reflection of a warm home filled with cheer and laughter and endless chatter of the years gone by…and somehow freshly baked chocolate cookies from the oven signify that for me….

Since I was making them for a friend as well as my husband I had to make sure that I kept both their preferences in mind – so the chewy soft ones were for my husband and the crisp ones for my friend ! Yes – we often underestimate the preferences that individuals have with respect to the texture of biscuits and assume that they would prefer it crisp..but that might not be the case always….so as a biscuit baker do keep your consumer’s preference on this minor but critical aspect in mind 🙂

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