Vegan baking and Apple Butter experiments!

As some folks might know I try to experiment with various flours,sweeteners and fat as well to work on expanding my choice of healthier variants using these. So I prepared some ‪#‎vegan‬ Apple Butter yesterday and have been really thinking of using that in a bake by completing eliminating all other forms of fat. You may seen a range of experiments using Apple Butter on my page so here’s the first one ( and I am super thrilled to say that its been superbly successful!)

The 5 ingredient-Vegan Oats- Almonds Cookies using Home made Apple Butter

1 cup dry roasted oats
2 small bananas mashed
2 tbsps cane sugar
1-2 tbsps apple butter
Chopped Almonds (or any other nuts you like, I thought raisins might make it too sweet so I excluded those)

Preheat the oven to 180 degrees C. Dry roast the oats and keep them in a bowl.
Mix the banana and cane sugar thoroughly. Add the apple butter and whisk well. Finally add the Oats and the Almonds. Cool it in the fridge wrapped in cling film for about 30 minutes.
Use a spoon to drop them onto the prepared baking tray and bake for 15-20 minutes. Cool off and store.

These are soft, moist and chewy cookies packed with flavour and nutrition. And as you can see it has practically no ingredient that might qualify as remotely unhealthy 🙂

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