A double rarity and the Malpua-inspired Barley & Jaggery Biscuits

A Punjabi with a close to zero-sweet tooth ! That is a rarity isn’t it ? A baker with no inclination to eat the sweet bakes – how is that for a double rarity !

When I share that I am not particularly fond of sweets, most people’s reactions range from mild amusement to intense shock. Growing up in Calcutta with vacations in Delhi exposed me to the delicious sweets that define both these cities.

My early childhood memories and even those from the recent past are filled with sweet encounters – Of my Dad and cousin visiting the little “mithai” shops that made fresh “sandesh”, to eat plates full of those. Of my paternal grandfather, getting possessive about the pack of “jalebis” that he had got solely for himself. Of my maternal grandfather packing the fridge with ice-cream lollies and cupboards with candy boxes before our summer and winter vacations. Of my mother baking the caramel custard to help a cousin to pass the hotel management examination or the marble cake with the chocolate and vanilla sections, but with no marbled effect because Dad didn’t like chocolate 🙂

So while I don’t have a sweet tooth – strangely, all the memories that make me smile are related to sweets ! Even so, there are a few sweets that I really love and one of those is the Malpua !

Two things can come to your mind when you think of Malpua, a traditional Indian sweet – Sugary sweetness with the depth of flavour from the ghee/clarified butter and a childhood filled with winter mornings, digging into this yum sweet to begin your day !

So when I received Conscious Food’s organic Barley flour and Jaggery , I somehow wanted to recreate the flavours from a Malpua, without the frying !

So here are the Malpua-inspired Barley & Jaggery Biscuits (flavoured with saunf/fennel and elaichi/cardamom)

The texture that Barley gives to baked goods is so great that I keep going back to it.

Recipe –

3/4 cup organic Barley flour

1/3 cup jaggery powder

1 tbsp saunf / fennel seeds

¼ cup Ghee

1 tbsp elaichi powder ( I used the outside green portion and powdered it)

Mix the ghee and jaggery together nicely. Add the saunf and elaichi powder. Slowly add the organic Barley flour and mix well. Wrap it in a cling film wrap and keep it in the fridge for 30 minutes. Take it out. Make small flat round balls and place them on a prepared baking tray. Bake them in a pre-heated oven for 20 minutes at 175 degrees Celsius. Cool them off and store in air tight container.

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