Media Mentions

YourStory : A highly successful platform which carries narratives of entrepreneurs covers Ovenderful under the Her Story – Inspire, Innovate, Ignite section

Self-taught baker Simran Multani raises funds for animal NGOs via her bakes

Its truly humbling to be asked to share your thoughts on your venture even though it is in its nascent stage and still evolving ! Interviewed for the online magazine Smart Indian Women. Link below for those who want to read it. I have also shared a bit about how someone else can start such a venture.

An interview with Simran, founder of “Ovenderful”

Wonderful Ovenderful!

Featured under the “Mominspirations” series – Kidskintha. Link to detailed interview above.

Polka Cafe

Deccan Herald – February 2015

Indulge, The Indian Express – Nov 6th, 2015 Thank you for the coverage The New Indian Express

How Instagram inspires us to live a healthy life—Read more in the October 2015 edition of Vistara Inflight magazine. #Wellness #InstaInspiration #FoodFollow the Ovenderful Instagram account- Ovenderful_healthybaking

Ovenderful covered in India Today – Simply Bangalore ( October 2015).

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