Healthy Sweeteners for Baking


Its time for the festivities to set in as they already have in all parts of the country – and as we all know, this is truly the best time of the year. Having worked in healthy baking for several years now, I am absolutely certain that while refined white sugar forms an integral part of so many sweets, it has almost zero nutrition value.

We think it adds to the flavour, but experimenting with many natural and healthy sweeteners now, has taught me that most of them have amazing flavours as well and far more nutritious.

So I thought of compiling a small table and some reading material that will give you some basic information on natural sweeteners that are being explored in baking. So be brave and experimental ! Open your minds and widen your taste palate to accept the range of delicious recipes that can be made with these natural and healthy sweeteners.

This is an indicative list, not an exhaustive one. All images have been sourced from free-images on Google.


Relevant links that will help you get a better idea –

How to Bake With Brown Rice Syrup


Baking With Fruit Instead of Sugar


6 healthy substitutes for white sugar


Alternative Sweetener: Monk Fruit — Ingredient Spotlight


Baking and Cooking With Sugar Substitutes – Diabetes Self-Management


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