Children with empathy & Wholewheat Jeera-Kasoori Methi Crackers

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I see so many posts that talk about how the children today lack empathy or are disconnected from the reality of the world.

I also see lots of posts that share how the children are so technology focused and so what kind of parenting advice should be followed to make them more linked to nature.

And you know what – perhaps that is true. But it’s my privilege to meet children of so many OMBC bakers who come for the distributions and I have yet to see little children with this kind of depth of empathy, such compassion in their gestures and such ease with which they reach out to those less fortunate without making them feel awkward.

To me, that’s the childhood I see – the one that doesn’t need new-age parenting advice. It needs parents who take their children along for all kinds of initiatives and hold their hands to make them realise the value of being kind.

While I have met many such amazing children , today I am tagging the moms whose incredible children I met yesterday at #bakeasunshinecake for Tannery Road elderly day care.

And I am using a picture of my daughter and me simply because I do not want to share the picture of someone’s child without their permission in an open post on my blog.

For this distribution I carried one of my favourites – Wholewheat Jeera-Kasoori Methi Crackers. Here is the recipe for you to try out. 

Ingredients –

1 cup wholewheat flour

2 tbsp rice flour

1/4 cup oil

1 tbsp ghee ( clarified butter, you can exclude this and add oil instead)

Salt,red chilly powder, roasted jeera and kasoori methi – as per your taste preference

Hot water as needed to bring the dough together. 

Method – 

Add the rice flour to the ww flour and then add spices. Mix thoroughly. Add the oil and ghee. Then slowly add hot water to make a firm dough. Let it rest for 30 minutes. 

Roll thin onto oil/dusted surface, cut into shapes.  Bake in a preheated oven at 170 C, for 15 minutes or until firm. Allow it to cool off so that they remain crisp. 


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