Christmas spirit & Wholewheat-Jowar Sponge Cake ( No fat, no refined white flour or sugar)

The Christmas spirit is settling around us. I am born and brought up in Calcutta, and it is the image of Park Street illuminated with lights and full of festive crowds milling through the sides of the roads, that will always stay with me, when I think of this time of the year. Some of these thoughts from the past were running through my mind as I prepared for my video interview that was going to be shot by the filming crew at home. 

And one of the things I was baking that day was my healthier version of the chocolate sponge to try the Yule Log / Swiss Roll.  So here is how it went.

The Butter-free Whole-wheat Jowar Chocolate Sponge that I was trying with raw unrefined sugar turned out to be delicious 🙂

But it wasn’t rolling easily enough for me to make a Yule log or Swiss roll out of it. So I put that to use by making some mini desserts – you can keep them as simple as the ones on top which were brushed lightly with liquid jaggery and topped with crushed pistachios and almonds . Or go the exotic route of topping it with coconut cream and fresh strawberry.
Either way , it was a great way to use the lovely sponge 🙂

Ingredients – 

5 eggs

150 gms unrefined raw sugar

50 gms wholewheat flour

50 gms jowar flour

25 gms unsweetened cocoa powder

Method –

 Butter and line the Swiss roll tin with baking paper. Preheat the oven at 170 degrees C.

Separate the eggs. Then to the yolks, add the sugar and 2 tbsp of water. Beat well until it becomes light and increases in volume.

Sift in the flour and cocoa, together. Then add it slowly to the above mix and fold in lightly.

Beat the egg whites until they are stiff and then fold into the cake mixture gently.

Pour the mixture in the prepared tin and spread it well. Bake for 15-20 minutes or until it firms up.

Demould and cool it well before slicing and topping it off.

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