About Ovenderful and Me


Ovenderful is a healthy baking social enterprise, which means a business with a soul. It is not about fancy cakes for big occasions – Ovenderful is about simplicity, sophistication and wellness. It is about classic bakes that celebrate small moments of life – family time is all about chatting over endless slices of a double chocolate cake, harsh winters are bearable because of a warm apple pie, quiet time with oneself is just about a cup of tea, a great book and a choco chip cookie and catching up with friends meant sharing a lovely Swiss roll or cheese puff !

That is the essence that Ovenderful captures, but with a healthy approach. It is about making inclusive, healthy and organic bakes that are free from preservatives, harmful additives and colours.

There are wholewheat/ragi/semolina/rice/flour/almond flour/barley flour/buckwheat flour/amaranth flour bakes as well as eggless/nut free.

Should you like to email to me, please reach out at ovenderful@gmail.com.