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Pea-Risotto inspired Barley biscuits and a family’s food aversion !


The Gujrals (my mother’s side) and by extension the Oberoi family  through us, has a unique food issue – there are generations of individuals who do not like green peas. So you can identify a visit by this clan, by simply serving “Samosas” as a tea-party at your home – you will find empty plates with the green peas ( God forbid, if the potato filling contains those!) neatly lined at one corner. Continue reading “Pea-Risotto inspired Barley biscuits and a family’s food aversion !”

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Revisting the Core…

One of my biggest regrets has been that while I started Ovenderful as a baking based blog, I didn’t really carry it through. Despite the fact that I love writing and baking both, it seems like somewhere down the line I forgot to take out time to combine them. Priorities shifted to some extent and some things became more important than the rest.
Continue reading “Revisting the Core…”