Is Baking a science or an art?

Most people will tell you that baking is a science mainly because it is driven by proportions, measures, time specifications. But a few will tell you that it is part-science, part-art. Science when it comes to proportions of ingredients, art when it is about what the ingredients should be ! Science when it comes to following a recipe, art when it comes to creating one from scratch. There will always be those moments when the artist within you plays a bigger role or the scientist trumps the artist’s thought process. That is what makes baking fun and fulfilling for me….

Walks in local grocery stores result in Multi-grain Cane Sugar Biscuits/Sables

A post on my FB group on healthy baking – Ovenderful Mom Bakers Community, about forms of sugar and queries related to cane sugar as we find it in India, triggered this post. I remember strolling in the shop for my household grocery shopping. One of the things that I have imbibed from my mother is a keen interest in what the shelves contain, the new additions and variants – what can be tried out in cooking. Of course, as a child and even later when I accompanied her for this, it seemed like a tedious chore. But as I…

Of Baking and Sons

How a mother bakes for her children, a lot of times “seems” to be seen as a reflection of her love for them ! Don’t we all remember how our mothers would bake cakes for us or brownies for our friends? When I was pregnant, as it usually happens particularly with me, I started procrastinating about what kind of mother I would want to be. You know how mothers are about their babies right? “Let me learn Mrs X’s recipe of chocolate brownies because my son/daughter likes them that way” or “Let me make a batch of those cookies for…

Sesame Veggie Bites

Like all first-time mothers, I’ve been asked about how the first year of motherhood was, the ups and downs, the worries and thrills, the experiences, the advice, what I felt , what I did….Of course I’ve shared how it had been a mind-boggling, super-adventurous, super-tiring and inexplicably amazing first year. While we know kids love baked goodies, we’re all looking to sometimes be able to substitute the ingredients with healthier options. It is my way of marrying my desire to expand my son’s taste buds and my passion for baking. Ingredients 1 cup grated carrots 1 cup of cabbage