Vegan Gluten-free Mathri & Happy Harvesting !

Happy Sankranti , Lohri, Pongal ! What’s a harvest festival got to do with us – city folks to the hilt, rushing within the cycle of which new app to order food from or which new website to order clothes from. Don’t get me wrong – these are very important. But so is the ability…

Gluten Free Amaranth Flour Cake

Amaranth flour – exotic as it sounds, its actually very indigenous and local to India. This is the first plant-based flour I actually tried baking with. I am not exactly certain of why or what made me explore this flour except that I was bored of doing bakes with wholewheat and more wholewheat ! I had…

Is Baking a science or an art?

Most people will tell you that baking is a science mainly because it is driven by proportions, measures, time specifications. But a few will tell you that it is part-science, part-art. Science when it comes to proportions of ingredients, art when it is about what the ingredients should be ! Science when it comes to following a recipe, art when it comes to creating one from scratch. There will always be those moments when the artist within you plays a bigger role or the scientist trumps the artist’s thought process. That is what makes baking fun and fulfilling for me….

Guest Post for Morphyandme:Gluten-Free Spanish Orange And Almond Cake ( Butter-Free)

This is the first time someone has asked me to write a Guest Blog and so I started this piece in many different ways, before settling down on this being the best way to start! Over the last few years, I have often wondered if “healthy” baking is an oxymoron . Most traditional and classic bakers would have you believe that baking is always synonymous with ingredients like all-purpose flour, sugar, butter and so on, which for an average adult are unhealthy when consumed in large or even at times moderate quantities.