Doing things together & Gluten-free Granola Bars

We went to the local grocery shop a couple of days ago. My little boy was busy jumping up and down , as usual. Suddenly my son spotted a lollipop that he had received on a birthday and he got excited. He started off by asking me to buy him the lollipop. I said No….

Experimental baking & Gluten-free Walnut-crusted Baked Fish Fillets

There is a lot of scepticism when it comes to unusual , different , experimental flavours in baking. Especially if you have those in the traditional bakes – the cakes, the cookies, the pies and tarts, the breads. And because I am a healthy and inclusive #baker a lot of my baked stuff is viewed in the…

Coming to terms with baking as per recipe !

Up until 2007/2008, I wasn’t one to pore through a recipe book, choose something and cook or bake it. My limited cooking skills were focused on eating whatever I needed to, in order to survive in a city like Mumbai in an extremely hectic job. You know how it can be-eating out every day is not an option, a cook is too expensive and you aren’t exactly enthused about whipping up exciting food after a long day at work.

The recipe ( wholewheat version) that turned Ovenderful into a business venture…

This is the bake that got Ovenderful its first ever order. I baked 10/11 of these of as tea-cake loaves for Diwali gifting. At that stage, in end of 2013 this was a all-purpose flour one. Soon after, I reworked on it to make a wholewheat one with changes in the recipe. Now you know why this is an extra special recipe for me – because I was totally clueless about all the non-baking related aspects. How to price it, how to plan the baking – I had an 18 litre Morphy Richards OTG that barely took in 1 loaf….